Apr 27, 2012, 10:41:23 PM (4 years ago)

Add a bunch of new/tested stuff and various small changes 12.

Tested Mainboards:


Tested flash chips:

Tested chipset enables:

  • Fix compilation of ich_descriptor_tool which was broken since r1492.
  • Add Documentation regarding unlocking the ME region on Intel chipsets.
  • Fix reading the flash descriptor via FDOC/FDOD and prettyprinting of the descriptor on boards with 5 active regions.
  • Reorder some boards in print.c.
  • Add Intel 7 Series (Panther Point) PCI IDs.
  • Add preliminary PCI IDs for future Intel chipsets (DH89xxCC and Lynx Point) see https://lkml.org/lkml/2012/2/20/467
  • Change the message for untested chipsets to send only after an attempt to update the firmware with flashrom.
  • Fix warnings in ich_descriptor_tool's build.

Signed-off-by: Stefan Tauner <stefan.tauner@…>
Acked-by: Stefan Tauner <stefan.tauner@…>

1 edited


  • trunk/chipset_enable.c

    r1499 r1524  
    636636        return enable_flash_ich_dc_spi(dev, name, CHIPSET_6_SERIES_COUGAR_POINT);
     639/* Panther Point aka. 7 series */
     640static int enable_flash_pch7(struct pci_dev *dev, const char *name)
     642        return enable_flash_ich_dc_spi(dev, name, CHIPSET_7_SERIES_PANTHER_POINT);
     645/* Lynx Point aka. 8 series */
     646static int enable_flash_pch8(struct pci_dev *dev, const char *name)
     648        return enable_flash_ich_dc_spi(dev, name, CHIPSET_8_SERIES_LYNX_POINT);
    11871199        {0x1039, 0x0746, NT, "SiS", "746",              enable_flash_sis540},
    11881200        {0x1039, 0x0748, NT, "SiS", "748",              enable_flash_sis540},
    1189         {0x1039, 0x0755, NT, "SiS", "755",              enable_flash_sis540},
     1201        {0x1039, 0x0755, OK, "SiS", "755",              enable_flash_sis540},
    11901202        {0x1039, 0x5511, NT, "SiS", "5511",             enable_flash_sis5511},
    11911203        {0x1039, 0x5571, NT, "SiS", "5571",             enable_flash_sis530},
    12791291        {0x8086, 0x1c54, NT, "Intel", "C204",           enable_flash_pch6},
    12801292        {0x8086, 0x1c56, NT, "Intel", "C206",           enable_flash_pch6},
    1281         {0x8086, 0x1c5c, NT, "Intel", "H61",            enable_flash_pch6},
     1293        {0x8086, 0x1c5c, OK, "Intel", "H61",            enable_flash_pch6},
    12821294        {0x8086, 0x1d40, OK, "Intel", "X79",            enable_flash_pch6},
    12831295        {0x8086, 0x1d41, NT, "Intel", "X79",            enable_flash_pch6},
     1296        {0x8086, 0x1e44, NT, "Intel", "Z77",            enable_flash_pch7},
     1297        {0x8086, 0x1e46, NT, "Intel", "Z75",            enable_flash_pch7},
     1298        {0x8086, 0x1e49, NT, "Intel", "B75",            enable_flash_pch7},
     1299        {0x8086, 0x1e4a, NT, "Intel", "H77",            enable_flash_pch7},
     1300        {0x8086, 0x1e57, NT, "Intel", "HM77",           enable_flash_pch7},
     1301        {0x8086, 0x1e58, NT, "Intel", "UM77",           enable_flash_pch7},
     1302        {0x8086, 0x1e59, NT, "Intel", "HM76",           enable_flash_pch7},
     1303        {0x8086, 0x1e5d, NT, "Intel", "HM75",           enable_flash_pch7},
     1304        {0x8086, 0x1e5e, NT, "Intel", "HM70",           enable_flash_pch7},
     1305        {0x8086, 0x2310, NT, "Intel", "DH89xxCC",       enable_flash_pch7},
    12841306        {0x8086, 0x2410, OK, "Intel", "ICH",            enable_flash_ich_4e},
    12851307        {0x8086, 0x2420, OK, "Intel", "ICH0",           enable_flash_ich_4e},
    13431365        {0x8086, 0x8119, OK, "Intel", "SCH Poulsbo",    enable_flash_poulsbo},
    13441366        {0x8086, 0x8186, OK, "Intel", "Atom E6xx(T)/Tunnel Creek", enable_flash_tunnelcreek},
     1367        {0x8086, 0x8c40, NT, "Intel", "Lynx Point",     enable_flash_pch8},
     1368        {0x8086, 0x8c41, NT, "Intel", "Lynx Point",     enable_flash_pch8},
     1369        {0x8086, 0x8c42, NT, "Intel", "Lynx Point",     enable_flash_pch8},
     1370        {0x8086, 0x8c43, NT, "Intel", "Lynx Point",     enable_flash_pch8},
     1371        {0x8086, 0x8c44, NT, "Intel", "Lynx Point",     enable_flash_pch8},
     1372        {0x8086, 0x8c45, NT, "Intel", "Lynx Point",     enable_flash_pch8},
     1373        {0x8086, 0x8c46, NT, "Intel", "Lynx Point",     enable_flash_pch8},
     1374        {0x8086, 0x8c47, NT, "Intel", "Lynx Point",     enable_flash_pch8},
     1375        {0x8086, 0x8c48, NT, "Intel", "Lynx Point",     enable_flash_pch8},
     1376        {0x8086, 0x8c49, NT, "Intel", "Lynx Point",     enable_flash_pch8},
     1377        {0x8086, 0x8c4a, NT, "Intel", "Lynx Point",     enable_flash_pch8},
     1378        {0x8086, 0x8c4b, NT, "Intel", "Lynx Point",     enable_flash_pch8},
     1379        {0x8086, 0x8c4c, NT, "Intel", "Lynx Point",     enable_flash_pch8},
     1380        {0x8086, 0x8c4d, NT, "Intel", "Lynx Point",     enable_flash_pch8},
     1381        {0x8086, 0x8c4e, NT, "Intel", "Lynx Point",     enable_flash_pch8},
     1382        {0x8086, 0x8c4f, NT, "Intel", "Lynx Point",     enable_flash_pch8},
     1383        {0x8086, 0x8c50, NT, "Intel", "Lynx Point",     enable_flash_pch8},
     1384        {0x8086, 0x8c51, NT, "Intel", "Lynx Point",     enable_flash_pch8},
     1385        {0x8086, 0x8c52, NT, "Intel", "Lynx Point",     enable_flash_pch8},
     1386        {0x8086, 0x8c53, NT, "Intel", "Lynx Point",     enable_flash_pch8},
     1387        {0x8086, 0x8c54, NT, "Intel", "Lynx Point",     enable_flash_pch8},
     1388        {0x8086, 0x8c55, NT, "Intel", "Lynx Point",     enable_flash_pch8},
     1389        {0x8086, 0x8c56, NT, "Intel", "Lynx Point",     enable_flash_pch8},
     1390        {0x8086, 0x8c57, NT, "Intel", "Lynx Point",     enable_flash_pch8},
     1391        {0x8086, 0x8c58, NT, "Intel", "Lynx Point",     enable_flash_pch8},
     1392        {0x8086, 0x8c59, NT, "Intel", "Lynx Point",     enable_flash_pch8},
     1393        {0x8086, 0x8c5a, NT, "Intel", "Lynx Point",     enable_flash_pch8},
     1394        {0x8086, 0x8c5b, NT, "Intel", "Lynx Point",     enable_flash_pch8},
     1395        {0x8086, 0x8c5c, NT, "Intel", "Lynx Point",     enable_flash_pch8},
     1396        {0x8086, 0x8c5d, NT, "Intel", "Lynx Point",     enable_flash_pch8},
     1397        {0x8086, 0x8c5e, NT, "Intel", "Lynx Point",     enable_flash_pch8},
     1398        {0x8086, 0x8c5f, NT, "Intel", "Lynx Point",     enable_flash_pch8},
    13461400        {},
    13811435                        msg_pinfo("\nThis chipset is marked as untested. If "
    13821436                                  "you are using an up-to-date version\nof "
    1383                                   "flashrom please email a report to "
    1384                                   "flashrom@flashrom.org including a\nverbose "
    1385                                   "(-V) log. Thank you!\n");
     1437                                  "flashrom *and* were (not) able to "
     1438                                  "successfully update your firmware with it,\n"
     1439                                  "then please email a report to "
     1440                                  "flashrom@flashrom.org including a verbose "
     1441                                  "(-V) log.\nThank you!\n");
    13861442                }
    13871443                msg_pinfo("Enabling flash write... ");
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