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Feb 16, 2012, 9:55:27 PM (3 years ago)

Manpage improvements.

The sections describing the various options of the internal and dummy
programmers have grown out of proportions. This patch adds some headlines
to devide the unrelated topics a bit (with .TP commands). The previous indented
paragraphs for the various programmers were transformed to subsections (.SS).

Also, rephrase the documention related to laptops completely to make it
less redundant and more informative.
Document the laptop=this_is_not_a_laptop internal programmer parameter

Change the contact info in the bugs section by removing the trac
reference and adding IRC (and the pastebin) instead.

Remove some superfluous white space and a .RE (restore indentation) command.

Signed-off-by: Stefan Tauner <stefan.tauner@…>
Acked-by: Carl-Daniel Hailfinger <c-d.hailfinger.devel.2006@…>

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  • trunk/flashrom.8

    r1494 r1497  
    1 .TH FLASHROM 8 "Jul 25, 2011" 
     1.TH FLASHROM 8 "Feb 15, 2012" 
    22.SH NAME 
    33flashrom \- detect, read, write, verify and erase flash chips 
    224224programmers use a key/value interface in which the key and value is separated 
    225225by an equal sign and different pairs are separated by a comma or a colon. 
    226 .TP 
    227227.BR "internal " programmer 
     229.B Board Enables 
    228231Some mainboards require to run mainboard specific code to enable flash erase 
    229232and write support (and probe support on old systems with parallel flash). 
    276279the flashrom mailing list, see below. 
     282.B Coreboot 
    278284On systems running coreboot, flashrom checks whether the desired image matches 
    279285your mainboard. This needs some special board ID to be present in the image. 
    283289.B "  flashrom \-p internal:boardmismatch=force" 
     291.B ITE IT87 Super I/O 
    285293If your mainboard uses an ITE IT87 series Super I/O for LPC<->SPI flash bus 
    286294translation, flashrom should autodetect that configuration. If you want to 
    287295set the I/O base port of the IT87 series SPI controller manually instead of 
    288 using the value provided by the BIOS, use the  
     296using the value provided by the BIOS, use the 
    290298.B "  flashrom \-p internal:it87spiport=portnum" 
    295303flashrom doesn't detect an active IT87 LPC<->SPI bridge, please send a bug 
    296304report so we can diagnose the problem. 
     307.B Intel chipsets 
    298309If you have an Intel chipset with an ICH8 or later southbridge with SPI flash 
    348359.B "flashrom \-p internal:fwh_idsel=0x001122334567" 
     361.B Laptops 
    350363Using flashrom on laptops is dangerous and may easily make your hardware 
    354367machines often interacts badly with flashing. 
    356 has more information. If flash is shared with the EC, erase is guaranteed to 
    357 brick your laptop and write is very likely to brick your laptop. 
    358 Chip read and probe may irritate your EC and cause fan failure, backlight 
    359 failure, sudden poweroff, and other nasty effects. 
    360 flashrom will attempt to detect laptops and abort immediately for safety 
    361 reasons. 
    362 If you want to proceed anyway at your own risk, use 
     369has more information. For example the EC firmware sometimes resides on the same 
     370flash chip as the host firmware. While flashrom tries to change the contents of 
     371that memory the EC might need to fetch new instructions or data from it and 
     372could stop working correctly. Probing for and reading from the chip may also 
     373irritate your EC and cause fan failure, backlight failure, sudden poweroff, and 
     374other nasty effects. flashrom will attempt to detect if it is running on a 
     375laptop and abort immediately for safety reasons if it clearly identifies the 
     376host computer as one. If you want to proceed anyway at your own risk, use 
    364378.B "  flashrom \-p internal:laptop=force_I_want_a_brick" 
    365 .sp 
    366 You have been warned. 
    368380We will not help you if you force flashing on a laptop because this is a really 
    369381dumb idea. 
    370 .TP 
     383You have been warned. 
     385Currently we rely on the chassis type encoded in the DMI/SMBIOS data to detect 
     386laptops. Some vendors did not implement those bits correctly or set them to 
     387generic and/or dummy values. flashrom will then issue a warning and bail out 
     388like above. In this case you can use 
     390.B "  flashrom \-p internal:laptop=this_is_not_a_laptop" 
     392to tell flashrom (at your own risk) that it does not running on a laptop. 
    371394.BR "dummy " programmer 
    372395The dummy programmer operates on a buffer in memory only. It provides a safe 
    411434.B "flashrom -p dummy:emulate=SST25VF040.REMS" 
     436.B Persistent images 
    413438If you use flash chip emulation, flash image persistence is available as well 
    424449.B "flashrom -p dummy:emulate=M25P10.RES,image=dummy.bin" 
     451.B SPI write chunk size 
    426453If you use SPI flash chip emulation for a chip which supports SPI page write 
    438465.B "  flashrom -p dummy:emulate=M25P10.RES,spi_write_256_chunksize=5" 
     467.B SPI blacklist 
    440469To simulate a programmer which refuses to send certain SPI commands to the 
    449478Implementation note: flashrom will detect an error during command execution. 
     481.B SPI ignorelist 
    451483To simulate a flash chip which ignores (doesn't support) certain SPI commands, 
    452484you can specify an ignorelist of SPI commands with the 
    459491characters (256 commands) long. 
    460492Implementation note: flashrom won't detect an error during command execution. 
    461 .TP 
    462494.BR "nic3com" , " nicrealtek" , " nicsmc1211" , " nicnatsemi" , " nicintel\ 
    463495" , " nicintel_spi" , " gfxnvidia" , " ogp_spi" , " drkaiser" , " satasii\ 
    482514.B "flashrom \-p nic3com:pci=05:04.0" 
    483 .TP 
    484516.BR "ft2232_spi " programmer 
    485517An optional parameter specifies the controller 
    502534and the default interface is 
    503535.BR B . 
    504 .TP 
    505537.BR "serprog " programmer 
    506538A mandatory parameter specifies either a serial 
    518550.B serprog-protocol.txt 
    519551in the source distribution. 
    520 .TP 
    521553.BR "buspirate_spi " programmer 
    522554A required 
    534566.BR 30k ", " 125k ", " 250k ", " 1M ", " 2M ", " 2.6M ", " 4M " or " 8M 
    535567(in Hz). The default is the maximum frequency of 8 MHz. 
    536 .TP 
    537569.BR "dediprog " programmer 
    538570An optional 
    550582.BR 0V ", " 1.8V ", " 2.5V ", " 3.5V 
    551583or the equivalent in mV. 
    552 .TP 
    553585.BR "rayer_spi " programmer 
    554586The default I/O base address used for the parallel port is 0x378 and you can use 
    580612The schematic of the Xilinx DLC 5 was published at 
    581613.BR " " . 
    582 .TP 
    583615.BR "ogp_spi " programmer 
    584 The flash ROM chip to access must be specified with the  
     616The flash ROM chip to access must be specified with the 
    585617.B rom 
    666698and rebooting, or rebooting into single user mode. 
    667699.SH BUGS 
    668 Please report any bugs at 
    669 .sp 
    670 .B "" 
    671 .sp 
    672 or on the flashrom mailing list at 
     700Please report any bugs to the flashrom mailing list at 
    673701.B "<>" 
    677705.B "" 
     707Many of the developers communicate via the 
     708.B "#flashrom" 
     709IRC channel on 
     710.BR . 
     711You are welcome to join and ask questions, send us bug and success reports there 
     712too. Please provide a way to contact you later (e.g. a mail address) and be 
     713patient if there is no immediate reaction. Also, we provide a pastebin service 
     716that is very useful when you want to share logs etc. without spamming the 
     719.B Laptops 
    679721Using flashrom on laptops is dangerous and may easily make your hardware 
    680 unusable unless you can desolder the flash chip and have a full flash chip 
    681 backup. This is caused by the embedded controller (EC) present in many laptops, 
    682 which interacts badly with any flash attempts. This is a hardware limitation 
    683 and flashrom will attempt to detect it and abort immediately for safety reasons. 
    684 .sp 
    685 More information about flashrom on laptops is available from 
    686 .sp 
     722unusable. flashrom will attempt to detect if it is running on a laptop and abort 
     723immediately for safety reasons. Please see the detailed discussion of this topic 
     724and associated flashrom options in the 
     725.B Laptops 
     726paragraph in the 
     727.B internal programmer 
     728subsection of the 
    687731.B "" 
    698742Similar to OTP memories are unique, factory programmed, unforgeable IDs. 
    699743They are not modifiable by the user at all. 
    700 .RE 
    701744.SH LICENSE 
    702745.B flashrom 
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