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Dec 3, 2010, 3:48:11 PM (5 years ago)

Add support for the Open Graphics Project development card, OGD1, as a
SPI flash programmer. The project is in the the process of designing
and making a complete, open source, graphics card.
More info at

The first development card is a PCI add in card containing a couple of
FPGAs and a couple of serial flash chips (amongst other things). The
FPGAs are called XP10 and S3 (their part numbers). The XP10 contains
its own flash and does not need to be programmed by flashrom - it
ensures that the device can enumerate on the PCI bus without needing
further configuration.

The larger FPGA is the S3. This is configured from a large SPI flash
(2 MBytes). The second SPI flash is used to store the VGA BIOS. It
is smaller (128 KBytes). This patch adds support for programming either
of the two SPI flash chips.

The programmer device takes one configuration option which selects which
of the two flash chips is accessed. This must be set to either "cprom"
or "bprom". (The project refers to the two chips as "cprom" / "bprom",
"s3" and "bios" are more readable alternatives).

Add support for SST SST25VF010 (REMS).
Mark SST SST25VF016B as tested for write.

Signed-off-by: Mark Marshall <mark.marshall@…>
Acked-by: Carl-Daniel Hailfinger <c-d.hailfinger.devel.2006@…>

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  • trunk/flashrom.8

    r1226 r1241  
    199199network cards)"
     201.BR "* ogp_spi" " (for SPI flash ROMs attached to an Open Graphics Project \
     202graphics card)"
    201204Some programmers have optional or mandatory parameters which are described
    202205in detail in the
    433436More information about the hardware is available at
     439.BR "ogp_spi " programmer
     440The FLASH ROM chip to access must be specified with the
     441.B rom
     444.B "  flashrom \-p ogp_spi:rom=name"
     447.B name
     448is either
     449.B cprom
     451.B s3
     452for the configuration ROM and
     453.B bprom
     455.B bios
     456for the BIOS ROM.  If more than one card supported by the ogp_spi programmer
     457is installed in your system, you have to specify the PCI address of the card
     458you want to use with the
     459.B pci=
     460parameter as explained in the
     461.B nic3com
     462section above.
     464More information about the hardware is available at
    435466.SH EXIT STATUS
    436467flashrom exits with 0 on success, 1 on most failures but with 2 if /dev/mem
    480511can be run as normal user on most operating systems if appropriate device
    481512permissions are set.
     514.B ogp
     515needs PCI configuration space read access and raw memory access.
    483517On OpenBSD, you can obtain raw access permission by setting
    539573Li-Ta Lo
     575Mark Marshall
    541577Markus Boas
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