Flashrom has become a mature tool over the years. It is time to release version 1.0 at some point. This milestone will capture all the TODOs for flashrom before it can be released.

This milestone gathers updates to flashrom that will not go into 1.0 anymore.

We started a version 3 tree of coreboot. This tree brings a lot of new features, but it does not support many boards yet and is less tested than coreboot v2.

We intend to clean up some parts of the code. This includes renaming files and variables for more consistency, enforcing code style, removing unnecessary #includes etc.

coreboot was running on roughly 10 million systems out there in 2007. While this is a great achievement, we aim at supporting a much larger number of different systems, including servers, desktop systems, embedded systems, laptops, and more.

To ensure coreboot is never going to have trouble like Linux was having with SCO, we set up strict requirements with regard to licensing of coreboot contributions. This milestone aims at cleaning up the existing codebase to make this easier in the future.

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